Summer is the season to have fun under the sun. Unlike winter or fall, walks can be longer, taking hikes is possible, going to the beach is a great idea and eating ice cream is the way to go! 

But, having too much fun under the sun can be a problem. If the heat can cause sunburn and heatstroke to us, it can cause the same for dogs and more. During summer, dogs can get more susceptible to insects, ticks and fleas. 

Here are some tips to keep your furry companions safe and sound this summer.  

Help your dog conquer the heat 

Dogs get hot easily during the summer. Here’s how you can help them:

1. Rest under a shade when you are out 

Dogs will need it especially when you are doing activities together. And if you are, take a couple of minutes to rest and take shelter under a shade. If they’re no longer panting as much, you can proceed on walking again.

Your dogs may be panting but they’re thankful.  

2. Always bring cool water and water dish 

Dogs get thirsty easily during summer as well. So, when you are out, remember to bring with you cool water and a water dish. There are lots of portable ones today so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one, nor have the excuse not to bring one.  

3. Keep a fresh and cool drinking water accessible to them 

When inside your home, have a fresh and cool water lying around especially when you have somewhere to go and have to leave them home for a while.

4. Keep the AC on when inside, or have a fan directed at them 

Have your HVAC checked during spring so you won’t encounter problems during the season when you need it the most. Dogs need a cool environment during summer.  

If an AC is not available at the moment, make sure you have an electric fan for them. If not, go and get one.  

5. Get your dogs a mini pool 

If your dogs love the water, go and get them their own mini pool! Not only will they cool off the heat, but they’ll have the most fun as well!  You don’t have to get the biggest one. Just the one where they can move around.

6. Give them dog ice cream as a reward 

Have your dogs been behaving well? Reward them with dog ice cream! This is the perfect treat during the summer because it helps them cool down and there is just no way that they won’t enjoy it!

You can buy the ice cream or make it yourself. There’s a lot of recipes online that you’ll surely find one.  

Get your dog a life vest or swimming harness and long leash 

These will keep them safe while swimming. Don’t presume your dogs know how to swim and not all dogs like to keep swimming. They also get tired just like we do.

If they swim too far, the long leash can help pull them back to you.

Prevent dog sunburns 

Yes, they get them too. Just because dogs have hair or thicker fur doesn’t mean their skin can’t be affected by harmful UVAs and UVBs from the sun. If they don’t have hats or hoodies on, it’s best to apply sunblock on them when staying out in the sun for long.

To be sure, talk to their vet and ask about the safest sunscreen you can use for your dogs.

Dogs truly need special care and attention during summer. They can get uncomfortable, dehydrated or even sick. Let’s not make that happen and always keep them safe!

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