Summer isn’t just for you to enjoy but for your dogs as well! The beach offers abundant opportunities for your best companions to enjoy. They can relax in the sand, play splash, run around or accompany you while you work on your suntan.

But while things can certainly be fun at the beach with our furry friends, things can sometimes be unexpected. We can never be too prepared especially on the beach where it can get too hot.

So, check out these tips that’ll guarantee you and your dog will enjoy the beach and being safe while doing so!  

1. Look for a dog-friendly beach 

Do your research and look for beaches that allow dogs. Just because a city or town is dog-friendly doesn’t mean all the resorts there are. Do note that there are beaches that allow dogs at specific times of the day or year.  

2. Pack the essentials 

Essentials are the following:

  • Swimming harness or any harness
  • Long leash so you can pull your dogs if they swim too far
  • Rubber bottom booties so your dogs’ paws won’t burn when they step on the sand
  • Umbrella especially if there’s not much shade on the beach
  • Cooling pad so they can cool down
  • Cold water and water bowl because they will get hot and thirsty
  • Dog-friendly sunscreen because they also can get sunburn
  • Poop bags because, you know
  • Dog-friendly first-aid kit because cuts, scrapes or bruises might happen
  • Extra leashes just to be sure
  • You and you dogs’ favourite toys   

3. Make sure the water is safe to swim on 

Be careful about sharp plastic floating, logs, big waves or riptides and jellyfish. If these can harm you, they can harm your dog even more.  If there are hazards, avoid that spot or you can remove them yourself. About jellyfish, do your research, ask a lifeguard or a resort staff.  

4. Watch out for loose dogs

Some beaches allow having dogs on the loose especially those that have dog parks. This can mean trouble for your dogs especially if bigger and more aggressive dogs are on the loose.  

If you want to stay on this kind of beach, keep your dogs’ leash on and keep them close. You can still walk them and they’ll enjoy it. But if you don’t want to compromise, find a dog-friendly beach that’s secluded and great for vacation.  

5. Dry your doggo’s ears 

Our ears are prone to infection when water gets in. So are our dogs’ especially if they’re prone to infection. You can use cotton, cotton wipe or gauze in your first aid kit or bring a separate one.

After water exposure, gently dry their ear flaps and in the opening of their ear canal. You can also leave a tissue on the entrance of the ear and have them lying down sideways so water can come out.  

6. Wipe sand off of their face 

Kids dig sand to build sandcastles. Dogs (especially puppies) dig sand not to build sand piles, but just to dig.

Not all dogs, though, like to dig the sand. But there are those that do. And some go crazy about it like their lives depend on it lol!

While they would probably love to do this the whole day, we can’t let them. And we can’t leave them with sand on their faces especially the eyes and nose.  

Sand can irritate their eyes and cause abrasions inside. This can also cause long-term eye damage.  

The best thing to do is to wipe away the sand off their face every now and then. You can use your hands or a microfiber cloth. Either way, do it as gently as possible.  

7. Give them a bath at home  

This is kind of an aftercare. But this is crucial. Saltwater is irritating to dogs.

When they get home, give them a bath or a shower to get rid of the saltwater on their skin. You don’t have to scrub hard. Just give them a regular bath like they’re used to.  I hope these tips have been helpful. Let me know if they are!

Until then, have a fun day at the beach with your dogs!

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