Dogs need to walk outside. Aside from being a great exercise, they also need to see and be familiar with their surroundings. This also gives them a chance to breathe fresh air and de-stress.

Many of us fail in walking our dogs regularly (even not on a daily basis). It’s because the typical walk can be dull, if not predictable. But fortunately, this is not without a solution.  

While walks are already fun for your dogs, make them even more fun and interesting for you both! Here are some ways to add a twist to walking your dogs!  

Take a new route 

Taking the road less travelled is a great way to make things more exciting. It can be great for both you and your dogs because you’ll get more familiar with other places. But do make sure that the neighbourhood is safe.  

So, instead of going left, go right. You both can discover new things along the way!

Go to other parks 

If your city or town has a few parks, take your dog to them. Your dogs will love a new park. But if you’re planning to walk there, make sure it’s not too far out or the walk would be punishing.  

Parks provide a great place for your dogs to interact with other dogs, and for you to socialize as well.  

Follow Your Dog

This does not mean letting them loose outside. You’ll be chasing them than following them. Instead, have your dogs walk ahead of you and take the lead.

It doesn’t matter where they want to go. You might end up in trees with squirrels, the fire hydrant from three blocks out or the park (again). This way, you are giving them the chance to actually go where they want to go.

They’d be really happy that you let them.

Walk with other dog parents and their dogs

Walking with other dog owners can make the walk less of a walk. No, your dog is not a bad company (or you). Sometimes, it’s just better to have someone to walk the road with to make it more enjoyable.

Try switching your pace

If you’re bored with the same walks over and over again, try changing up your pace. If you’re brisk walking or jogging with your dog, try walking at a slow pace. If you like slow paces, try a faster walk.

This can be both an exercise for both of you, or a chill walk outside like slow walking on a date.  

Reward every goal achieved 

Bring with you treats to reward your dog after every milestone or goal achieved. You can take a break from walking and reward your dog after every training as well!

Add in a playtime

Try tossing a treat on the grass and have your dog go looking for it. This helps sharpen your dog’s sniffing and smelling abilities and stimulates other brain functions as well.

Go hiking

I know. This is not a typical walk activity. But it can be both exciting for you and your dog.

Hiking helps enhance and improve both your physical and mental abilities. The rewards of a hike are also rewarding. You both get healthier, you completed a milestone with your best companion, you get to breathe fresh air and you get to see how awesome nature is!  

Walks don’t have to be boring anymore. But do remember walking can make dogs thirsty. So, if you’re taking long walks, make sure to bring with you water and a water dish.  

Now, go walking!

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