About Us

Our Inspiration

While they might destroy our furniture, shoes, couch, wires or anything they lay their eyes on, it is undeniable what they say: a home really is not a home without a pet.

This we understand. Because to us, they’re not just pets and clients coming into the door. They’re family.

Claudette Babineau

Claudette Babineau, owner and manager of Bella’s Pet Styling Bowtique

Who We Are

Bella’s Pet Styling Bowtique is a certified all-breeds groomer since 2003. We offer all cuts, shaves and styles and cater to all breeds, big or small.

Claudette started as a dog groomer. Soon she became an owner of a pet store. With this experience, she then pursued a Dog Grooming Course and became a professional groomer.

Today we are located in downtown Moncton where there are quite a few dogs in the community. It’s great seeing pets and the relationship they have with their pawrents (pet parents) and with other dogs.

Pets truly complete a home and give life to a community. We at Bella’s Pet Styling Bowtique aim to be an extension of this home and community. An extension that gives utmost care, affection and love to pets of all shapes and sizes.