Groomed and styled from nose to tail, head to paw

Aside from a loving home, a healthy community is also important for pets. It’s one thing to play ball with the neighbours and take a bath at home. But sometimes, they will need the help of a professional.

If our pets are constantly licking or scratching, this means they are not in their best disposition. This creates stress in them and in us.

Summertime is also the time to shear and de-shed your canine companions. When the season is cool, pets get the insulation they need from their furs and coats. It won’t be as necessary to groom them as compared to summer time. During this time, they need to be groomed so they won’t feel too hot and uncomfortable.

At Bella’s Pet Styling and Bowtique, the services we offer are based on our pure love for dogs and making them feel their best. We do a holistic approach in grooming and we treat dog with utmost humane physical, emotional and psychological care.

Our environment is safe and healthy for dogs and cats and we always make sure they get the best treatment they deserve. Seeing them at their happiest fills our hearts with joy.

  • Full Service Dog Grooming Shop
  • Specializing in all breeds of dogs
  • Seniors or special needs pets are welcome
  • Multiple pet discounts
  • Maintenance package
  • Puppy packages
  • Various shaves & cutting styles
  • Nail trim
  • Gland exfoliation
  • Gentle brushing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Bath & conditioners
  • Health check for skin problems
  • Day care services
  • Pick up & Delivery

Our Services


Grooming includes: bathing, shampoo, conditioner, various shave and cutting styles, ear cleaning nail clipping, gland exfoliation (optional), health check, call back


Small dogs: $40+
Med dogs: $50+
Large dogs: $70+


Full Grooming

  • Any styles hair cut (shave and scissor)
  • Everything in Bath & Tidy package plus
  • Includes trimming of hair, pad hair, nails
  • Nails trim
  • Gland exfoliation (optional)

Bath and Tidy

  • Water bath to remove any dirt, grease, etc.
  • Ear cleaning
  • Fluff dry
  • Health check for skin problems such as sores, ticks, fleas and hot spots
  • Brushing for 10–15 minutes to get a smooth look and take mattes out (unless dog is too matted)

Bella’s “A la patte”

  • Brush
  • Bath
  • Brush & Bath
  • Nails
  • Anal Exfoliation
  • Flea Treatment